4 Phlebotomy Schools in San Bernardino, California

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San Bernardino is an excellent place to live, work, and study in the state of California.

The area is famous for its healthy and stable economy and for excellent job opportunities.

The educational facilities are amazing and they offers high-quality theoretical and practical programs.

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Phlebotomists annual average salary in California is $39,422 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Medical Allied Career Center

Medical Allied Career Center is one of the largest learning facilities in the area. The college has some of the most modern facilities in the area and it renowned for the great teachers and trainers. The campus is very comfortable and the dorms are very cozy. The school also offers financial aid for the students in need.

The phlebotomy program offers comprehensive skills training and excellent lectures. In just a few short weeks of training you will be ready to take on the state certification exam and rock on a new medical career.

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AddressAddress: 12631 East Imperial Highway Bldg D-108 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Angeles College

Located in one of the most dynamic areas California, Angeles College is famous for the excellent student facilities and the comfortable dorms. The teachers and trainers are true experts in their field and they are all friendly and welcoming. The programs are all student-focused and they will prepare you for an amazing future career.

An excellent career choice for those who want a medical career is the phlebotomy training. The program is among the shortest in the catalog and you will also be assisted during the job hunting process.

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AddressAddress: 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 310 Los Angeles, CA 90010

California Community College System

California Community College System is a great educational system that gathers the best theoretical and practical programs from all over the state. The school has very modern facilities and you will definitely have a comfortable stay here. The teachers and trainers are very professional and they will guide you through all the steps of your education.

The phlebotomist program will grant you a dynamic job in one of the developing medical fields. The program is focused on the most important skills and techniques and it will get you job-ready in a matter of weeks.

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AddressAddress: 4901 E. Carson St. Long Beach, CA 90808

California Nurses Educational Institute

California Nurse Educational Institute is the perfect place to start a career in the nursing field. The institute trained thousands of nurses and medical workers over time and it will also help you achieve all your educational dreams. The trainers are experts in each field and they will assist you during your educational process and make sure you are ready to take care of any patient.

An amazing career choice is phlebotomy training. This program is very short and it will help you integrate in the medical field with no issues. At the end of your studies you will also be assisted with finding the best job for your skills.

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AddressAddress: 5200 E. Ramon Rd. Suite I-1 Palm Springs, CA 92264

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