4 Phlebotomy Schools in Riverside, California

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Riverside is a friendly, fun, and developed city to live in California.

The city offers a wide variety of jobs thanks to the healthy and developed local economy.

The city established an excellent educational system and you will easily find the perfect program for your dreams.

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Phlebotomists annual average salary in California is $39,422 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Medical Allied Career Center

Medical Allied Career Center is a great learning facility that gathers some of the best medical vocational training programs in the area. The university has a great campus that is located in a great area and it is close to many facilities. The school is proud of its well-trained teachers and welcoming staff. The school also offers financial aid for the students in need.

The phlebotomy program is perfectly tailored for those who want to quickly start a career in the medical field. The center will assist you with all the needed training and knowledge and quickly turn you into a respected professional.

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AddressAddress: 12631 East Imperial Highway Bldg D-108 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Angeles College

Located in one of the most beautiful areas of California, Angeles College is one of the best places to start your studies. The school has excellent learning programs and it offers some of the best trainers and teachers in the whole state. The school has a very modern campus and it also offers financial aid and professional guidance.

An excellent career choice is the phlebotomist training program. This program will teach you all the needed skills, techniques, and safety measures to help you take care of any patient and quickly enter this amazing medical field.

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AddressAddress: 3440 Wilshire Blvd Ste 310 Los Angeles, CA 90010

California Community College System

California Community College System is one of the most friendly, large, and professional learning facilities in the whole state. The school has excellent learning programs that are focused on the needs of every single student. The facilities here are very modern and the comfortable campus will guarantee you a great student experience.

The phlebotomy training program is a great educational choice and it will quickly teach you everything you need about this field. In just a few weeks of training you will be ready to embrace a brand new career path.

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AddressAddress: 4901 E. Carson St. Long Beach, CA 90808

California Nurses Educational Institute

Dedicated to help every student get a new medical career, California Nurses Educational Institute is a great place to study. The school has very modern facilities and the campus is comfortable and cozy. The teachers and staff are very friendly and they will help you with every step of your education. The school also offer financial and professional guidance.

The phlebotomy training program will help you start a new career in just a few months. The program is focused on the essential skills and theory needed to take care of any patient and work in any type of medical facility.

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AddressAddress: 5200 E. Ramon Rd. Suite I-1 Palm Springs, CA 92264

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