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Opportunities abound for people who want to learn phlebotomy in or near Sacramento, California.

This training complements Medical Assisting or EKG Technician training.

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Campus (formerly MTI College)

If you hear people say “Campus,” in Sacramento, there’s a good chance they’re talking about what formerly was known as MTI College.

You can complete the Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program in about 42-60 weeks.

Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy Program Description

The Medical Assisting with Phlebotomy Certification Program at Campus combines medical assisting skills with a specialized phlebotomy certificate.

Graduates would become eligible to sit for the NCCT Medical Assistant (NCMA) exam.

You also have the option of taking the NCCT Phlebotomy Technician (NCPT) exam.

This combined phlebotomy and medical assistant training may also make you eligible for other certificates.

In this coursework, you will learn proper patient preparation and blood (or other fluid) sample collection techniques.

In addition, your instructors will educate you on laws and regulations governing needlestick prevention and infection control.

What’s more, you will have time to practice blood drawing, taking vital signs, and reading heart rhythms on a patient testing machine.

You will also learn how to take calls and schedule appointments.

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AddressAddress: 5221 Madison Avenue Sacramento, CA 95841

Phlebotomy Training Specialist

This Phlebotomy training group offers courses in most U.S. states, including Sacramento.

New classes start every single month.

You can choose day, evening, or weekend schedules.

Phlebotomy Training Program Description

The Phlebotomy Training Specialists school offers a comprehensive phlebotomy program designed to prepare students for the NCCT Phlebotomy Technicians (NCPT) exam.

This program also covers the fundamentals of patient care, laboratory safety, and specimen handling.

In addition, you will learn how to prevent infecting yourself and others when drawing blood from people and preparing test samples.

You will become proficient in phlebotomy duties as you practice clinical skills in an onsite training lab.

You may also have the chance to intern at one or more local hospitals or clinics.

It’s possible to receive compensation while learning as you progress through your courses.

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AddressAddress: 2804 Gateway Oaks Drive Suite 170 Sacramento, CA 95833

Sacramental Ultrasound Institute (SUI)

The phlebotomy training you receive at SUI would take you about 12 weeks.

This includes about two and a half hours of classroom training time and a one-week externship.

You could also enroll in a 42-hour medical assisting program.

Phlebotomy Program Description

Graduates of the Phlebotomy program offered by Sacramental Ultrasound Institute can take the NCCT Phlebotomy Technician (NCPT) exam.

This training provides you with a thorough background of the medical terminology and anatomy of humans required to be a phlebotomist.

You also will have plenty of time to practice patient care, laboratory specimen handling, and needlestick safety.

Moreover, you will learn how to label, organize and store the samples you collect from patients.

Time spent receiving hands-on experience will also prepare you to deal with patients all day.

Medical Assisting Program Description

You also may want to consider the SUI Medical Assistant program in addition to Phlebotomy.

This training will develop your skills in performing EKGs (testing and reading heart rhythms using an EKG machine).

Your time spent in the Medical Assisting program will provide you with opportunities to work directly with patients.

However, you will also practice in the classroom before you even go to local hospitals and clinics.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to sit for the national medical assisting (CMA) certification exam.

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AddressAddress: 1765 Challenge Way Sacramento CA 95815

Cal Regional Career Accelerated Learning

You can complete the CAL Regional Phlebotomy Technician program in about three weeks.

This will help you get started with receiving paid hands-on training as you work toward medical assisting.

Phlebotomy Training Program Description

The Cal Regional phlebotomy program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for work at a hospital, doctor’s office, long-term care facility, and more.

Your instructions here provide you with hands-on assistance in learning how to draw blood and prepare testing samples.

This training will also show you how to communicate with patients and identify the needs of people receiving care.

Laboratory safety, infection control, and proper specimen handling will also be covered in your training.

Get ready for national certification and take the NCPT exam after you complete this training.

Medical Assistant Program Description

The Cal Regional medical assistant program provides students with the book, classroom, and practical training required for performing as a medical assistant.

Topics covered in your courses include compassionate patient care, medical terminology, recordkeeping, and laboratory safety.

You will also become familiar with HIPAA regulations and spend time in onsite lab exercises.

In addition, you probably will gain hands-on experience in at least one clinic, hospital, doctor’s office, or another medical center.

When you complete this training, you make yourself eligible to sit for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) or similar certification exam.

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AddressAddress: 333 Sunrise Ave, Roseville, CA 95661

National Career Education (NCE)

NCE provides Lab Assistant, EKG Technician/Phlebotomist Training that prepares you for work as a CPT1 Phlebotomy Technician.

This course also teaches you to use an EKG heart reading and monitoring machine for testing cardiac conditions.

Lab, E.K.G. and Phlebotomy Program Description

The NCE Lab Assistant, EKG Technician/Phlebotomist Training will prepare you to take the California Phlebotomy Technician (CPT1) exam.

This will certify you in this state.

It’s one of the most comprehensive options for you if you want to provide as many employment skills as possible.

Subjects studied include laboratory safety, specimen collection techniques, patient care, and communication and vital sign interpretation.

You will also find out how to understand different heart rhythm patterns while assisting patients requiring cardiac care.

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AddressAddress: 6249 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

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