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Columbus is a fun, developed, and dynamic place to be in the state of Ohio.

The city offers excellent jobs and business opportunities thanks to its developed economy.

The educational institutions are excellent and they provide programs and classes suitable for everyone.

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Phlebotomists annual average salary in Ohio is $34,460 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Columbus Phlebotomy Training Center, LLC

About the School

Columbus Phlebotomy Training Center, LLC first started its work to help everyone get an amazing career a long time ago and ever since it changed the lives of countless students.

It is the mission of the training center to provide exceptional instruction in the allied healthcare fields of phlebotomy and clinical medical assisting.

It offers training to those individuals wanting to start a new career or those already working in healthcare and looking to expand their knowledge and skill level.

With over 20 years of real-world experience in healthcare, CPTC is confident it can provide its students with the tools and skills to become competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Courses Offered

The 5-week phlebotomy training program costs 1,550 USD and is an amazing choice given that it will teach you everything you need about this field.

The program is designed for beginners, those students that have no medical background.

It will prepare the student for a career in the allied healthcare field of phlebotomy through lecture/discussion and practical phlebotomy.

Once the student has successfully completed the phlebotomy course, they will earn a certificate of completion.

Successful completion of the phlebotomy course meets the eligibility requirements to take the national phlebotomy certification exam through the National Health careers Association.

During your studies, you will acquire all the needed skills and knowledge to proudly enter this medical field.

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AddressAddress: 4889 Sinclair Rd, Suite 212 Columbus, OH 43229

Knox Technical Center

About the School

For Knox Technical Center your career and future is their main mission.

The technical center aims to provide cutting edge programs that prepare adults with career and life-long learning skills

The center is rated as one of the best places to start a new career in the whole state of Ohio and it offers one of the most modern educational boards in the country.

In addition, the programs available at this college were carefully selected to help you start an amazing career path.

Courses Offered

The 174 hours of phlebotomy training will fully prepare you for the state certification exam and for an amazing career.

As a phlebotomist, you combine clinical skills with customer service skills, delivering compassionate care to patients.

You will learn the following:

  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Blood collection equipment
  • Venipuncture and capillary procedures
  • Professional manner and dress

After completing the program, you will be eligible for certification as a Phlebotomy Technician through the National Center for Competency Testing.

The program includes both theory and practice and it’s provided by some of the best phlebotomy professionals.

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AddressAddress: 308 Martinsburg Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

Tri-County Career Center

About the School

At Tri-County Career Center, you will discover some of the best teachers and educators in the whole state.

The extraordinary quality of the education is given by the modern curriculum and it’s provided by some of the most dedicated teachers.

The programs are constantly upgraded to provide you with the best job perspectives and opportunities.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy training can be finished in just 232 hours of labs and classes and costs 1,643 USD.

The course includes lecture, lab and clinical training which will prepare a student for Phlebotomy Technician Certification through National Healthcareer Association.

You will learn the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology related to phlebotomy
  • Medical terminology related to phlebotomy
  • Professionalism and medical law & ethics
  • Universal precautions and bloodborne pathogens
  • Communication
  • Venipuncture/skin puncture skills and competencies
  • Understanding the medical laboratory
  • Additional specimen collection and testing (urinalysis, hemoccult, throat cultures)
  • CPR and First Aid

Successful completion of the program qualifies you to take the Phlebotomy Technician Certification examination through National Healthcareer Association.

Students will receive their CPR and First Aid Certifications through American Safety and Health Institute.

The tutors and educators are active professionals that will help you get the skills and confidence for any challenge or patient.

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AddressAddress: 15676 State Route 691 Nelsonville, OH 45764

ALIA Healthcare

About the School

ALIA Healthcare  is an excellent choice for healthcare enthusiasts and it offers some of the best career and educational opportunities in Ohio.

The campus is very fun and modern and it offers some of the best socializing and leisure activities in the area.

In addition, the college can assist you with financial planning and assistance.

Courses Offered

The 80-hour phlebotomy training program will give you skills and techniques that will help you get the career of your dreams in just 6 weeks.

You will learn the following:

  • Draw blood from patients and blood donors
  • Explain blood-drawing procedure to patients and answer questions
  • Perform basic point of care testing such as blood glucose levels
  • Prepare blood, urine, and other specimens for testing
  • Maintain medical equipment such as needles, test tubes, and blood vials

Training/clinicals or external experience will include a minimum of 30 successful venipunctures and 10 successful capillary sticks on live individuals.

In addition, the college will also assist you during job hunting.

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AddressAddress: 2800 Corporate Exchange, Suite 410 Columbus, OH 43231

Columbus State Community College

About the School

Columbia State Community College is the perfect place to quickly start a new career and turn around your future.

The school has excellent reviews from previous students. The programs are upgraded each year and they reflect the needs and trends of the job market.

Columbus State attracts students of different backgrounds, life experiences and nationalities with more than 130 countries are represented in its student body.

Courses Offered

The medical programs are very requested and one of the most popular is phlebotomy training thanks to the fact that this industry is growing each year.

This NAACLS approved program is a 2-semester sequence in which theory and skills are practiced in the classroom and campus laboratory environment and also in the clinical setting.

Upon completion of the 2-semester program, a certificate of completion is awarded by the college.

To become nationally certified, you will need to take an examination, administered by an outside agency.

Completion of this national certification exam is not a requirement to successfully complete the program.

In just a few weeks of training, you will be ready for a new and amazing career path.

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AddressAddress: 550 East Spring St. Columbus, OH 43215

Central Ohio Technical College

About the School

Central Ohio Technical College is one of the top educational institutions in Ohio and it offers a wide range of programs that can help everyone start an amazing career.

The technical college is recognized for its excellent teachers and educators and for the fact that the campus facilities are amazing.

In terms of finance, the College can assist you with financial guidance.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy training program is an excellent career choice thanks to the fact that this industry is growing each year.

Whether you work in a laboratory, blood bank or hospital, phlebotomists are a crucial part of the allied healthcare community and can work in a variety of healthcare environments.

In this program you will learn the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of human body structure, function and pathology.
  • Perform venipuncture and micro-skin puncture procedures safely.
  • Maintain and evaluate patient sample integrity.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude in appearance, work ethic and laboratory safety.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to quality assurance procedures.

In addition to classroom and laboratory requirements, graduates of the COTC phlebotomy program complete more than 100 hours of hands-on clinical experience and are eligible for three potential certifications, which are as follows:

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology certification exam
  • State Tested Nurses Aide certification exam
  • National Center for Competency Testing electrocardiography certification exam

This program takes just a few weeks to finish and it will open many career opportunities for your future.

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AddressAddress: 1179 University Dr. Newark, OH 43055

Madison Local School District

About the School

Madison Local School District is among the largest and most successful places to start a new career in this state.

The school partners with families, staff and community, creating a culture of learning for everyone and empowering students to reach their full potential.

The school has excellent materials and facilities and it offers a very modern campus and dorm facilities.

The programs provided are excellent and they aim to help both theory and practical enthusiasts get an amazing career.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy training program takes just 216 hours to complete and the tuition fee is 1,890 USD without the cost of materials and uniform.

Fees amounting to 608 USD includes tools/supplies, books, lab fees, certification fees, and career advising services.

MACC students complete well over 100 venipunctures, capillary sticks, urinalysis/cultures, blood cultures, and nasal swabs/cultures.

You will complete a required externship through local healthcare facilities and gain valuable experience.

You will be prepared for employment and AMT certification as a Registered Phlebotomy Technician.

At the end of your studies, the center will also assist you with job hunting.

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AddressAddress: 1379 Grace Street Mansfield, OH 44905

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