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Atlanta is famous all over the country for its friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

The economy and business system are great and they offer excellent jobs.

The schools and colleges in this city are great and they offer some of the best programs in the state.

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Phlebotomists annual average salary in Georgia is $34,146 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Georgia School of Phlebotomy

About the School

Georgia School of Phlebotomy is a dynamic educational institution focused on community education and specializing in training for phlebotomy and related health careers.

The school is committed to teaching the essential fundamentals for starting a career in healthcare.

Students gain valuable experience in both hands on skills and understanding the theories essential to practice.

Its primary goal is to share their experiences in the field of medicine to produce students whose skills are exceptional and whose understanding of safety is superior.

Courses Offered

All of the school’s phlebotomy training classes are comprehensive and emphasizes a “hands-on” method in which each student will draw blood at least once in every class.

These draws will be performed with supervision on other class members.

This course contains 6-weeks of lecture, discussion, and practical instruction in the lab, followed by the National Certified Phlebotomy Technician exam.

The program’s instructors will guide you as you learn a variety of phlebotomy techniques.

In addition, you will learn the “tricks of the trade” that will help with special patients and difficult draws.

The skills and techniques acquired during this program will help you get a new career in no time.

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AddressAddress: 6667 Vernon Woods Dr, Suite A-40 Atlanta, GA 30328

Medical Career Specialists

About the School

Medical Career Specialists offers accelerated and fast-track allied healthcare programs, designed to allow medical professionals to advance their career.

The school provides professional educational and training services to healthcare organizations, facility personnel, and individuals.

Their goal is to help improve the efficacy and precision in healthcare by providing top-quality training services.

Over the years its objective has remained the same, which is to provide innovative, accurate, effective services that produce results, backed by excellent customer support.

Courses Offered

A very interesting and short program is the phlebotomy training, which lasts for 2 weeks.

Nowadays, phlebotomy is primarily performed for the purpose of diagnosing and monitoring a patient’s condition.

A phlebotomist is someone who also has the ability to perform other types of specimen collection, such as: urine collection, mouth swabs, etc.

You will be employed in hospitals, clinics, private practices, diagnostic laboratories and blood banks.

This short program will grant you all the needed skills, techniques, safety measures, and knowledge to start a brand new career.

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AddressAddress: 3330 Cumberland Blvd. Ste 500, Atlanta, GA 30339

Phlebotomy Training Specialists

About the School

Phlebotomy Training Specialists aims to give state-of-the-art education to anyone looking for a meaningful, exciting, and empowering career path.

Throughout the course, you will get real hands-on practice.

It offers flexible schedules and hold classes monthly to make the course accessible to everybody and every schedule.

Having passionate and well trained instructors has led to the school to have one of the top passing national exam rates.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy program at PTS consists of 48 hours in-class training, which includes bookwork, intensive hands-on training, and practical examination.

On the last day of class, students can choose to challenge the national exam.

When passed, this exam certifies students to work anywhere in the country.

The tuition fee for the program costs 1,010 USD with a national exam fee of 115 USD.

You need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or its equivalent to enroll.

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AddressAddress: 3109 Clairmont Rd Suite B, NE Atlanta, GA 30329

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