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Jackson is a very beautiful, dynamic, and fun place to live in the state of Mississippi.

The city and surrounding area have a great economy that constantly provides amazing job opportunities.

The schools, colleges, and universities provide excellent programs that will help you start the career of your dreams.

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Phlebotomists annual average salary in Mississippi is $30,705 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Jackson Medical Mall Proprietary HealthCare Institute

About the School

Jackson Medical Mall Proprietary HealthCare Institute is an excellent career choice if you are planning to start a medical career thanks to the fact that it offers the best medical programs in the whole state.

The programs and short classes are specifically tailored to give modern skills and techniques and to help you easily start a new career.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy training program is a 60-hour or a 3-week course in length, which provides both classroom and clinical training.

The training program costs 1250 USD and classes are offered in the morning for this training course.

You will learn how to safely and effectively draw blood using venipuncture and capillary puncture methods, plus finger sticks for adults and children.

Also, you will receive instruction on how to prepare the blood collection site, how to choose the proper collection tools and how to handle the transportation, processing and management of collected samples.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

You will then become eligible to take the National Certification examination to become a Phlebotomist.

The program will teach all the needed techniques and skills to quickly enter this amazing medical field.

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AddressAddress: Jackson Medical Mall 350 W. Woodrow Wilson Drive, Ste. 3620 Jackson, MS 39213

Access Training

About the School

At Access Training you will be able to learn the newest skills and theory from some of the best professionals in the state.

The teachers and educators are recognized experts that have lots of tips and tricks to share.

The institute offers a vast variety of training programs that will help you get a new job in the shortest time possible.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy training can be done in just 48 clock hours within 6 weeks.

It is designed to introduce students to the field of phlebotomy and provide the student the opportunity to practice the skills of phlebotomy and become competent in the various specimen procedures and demonstrate infection control techniques.

The program includes 24 hours of theory and 24 hours of skill training that will give you everything needed to get an entry-level position in this field.

You will learn the following:

  • Safety phlebotomy equipment
  • Phlebotomy techniques
  • Challenges of phlebotomy
  • Specimen considerations
  • Special procedure
  • Specimen preparation
  • Handling blood drawing

You will become competent in the various specimen collection procedures and be required to demonstrate infection control techniques, as well as, accuracy, speed, and competency.

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AddressAddress: 4915 I-55 N. Frontage Rd Suite C-305 Jackson, MS 39206

Hinds Community College

About the School

Hinds Community College is committed to moving people and communities forward by helping develop their purpose, passion and profession.

It aims to be a catalyst to create a competitive economy and a compelling culture for Mississippi.

It values include integrity, diversity, leadership, excellence, accountability, and stewardship.

Courses Offered

The phlebotomy program is a great choice and it will help you get an entry-level position in a matter of weeks.

The 160-clock hour course includes lecture, laboratory, and clinical experience.

The class usually meets twice per week in a semester and classes begin in the fall and spring semesters.

Employment opportunities are available in the clinical laboratories of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or physician offices.

The curriculum includes skill training, lectures, safety measures, and everything needed for a successful career.

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AddressAddress: 3925 Sunset Dr, Jackson, MS 39213

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